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Makoto is the son of a baker but can’t bake or cook to save his life. Not wanting to disappoint his father he enters culinary school where he meets Haruka, the lone cook who refuses to touch anything besides Mackerel.

Makoto ends up being his apprentice and it’s great and all except for the fact that he’s allergic to fish.

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Makoto is a security guard who happens to develop a crush on the new employee, Haruka. But too shy to actually confront him, Makoto spends most of his time watching from security cameras.

Haruka has no idea and ends up doing stupid things when he thinks no one is around. Makoto falls harder.

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Snow White AU, with Makoto as Snow White and Haruka and Rin fighting for the role of Prince Charming. xD Oh, and maybe Rei as the huntsman who couldn't kill Snow White because he was too beautiful. xD And just for the kicks, Nagisa as one of the dwarves or something.

Omg I can totally see this hahahaha

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Makoto and Haru playfully fighting over who tops for their first time. Despite Makoto being bigger and expecting to win, he is surprised at the strength Haru shows and ends up losing to Haru due to how much Haru wants Makoto. Fluffy and fun with the two being all cute with it eventually leading to said event~


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Haruka drinking off a used condom.


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Family Secret Submission 

A new boy transfers to Iwatobi when Haru and Makoto are in 3rd year. He’s very handsome with blue eyes and black hair like Haru. In fact, he and Haru look so alike that a number of people comment on it.

He joins the swim team but unlike Haru, he swims all strokes and is a champion in the individual medley. Rei becomes worried about him taking his place in the medley relay but Makoto suggests that with the new guy, they might consider also doing the Freestyle relay and so everybody gets to swim the relay with Rei swimming the third leg in medley and the new guy swimming the third leg in the freestyle relay. Everybody is happy.

Rin still drops by Iwatobi a lot and so he gets to meet the new guy too. Also the new guy sees how Rin and Haru can get caught-up in their competition and ignore everybody, including Makoto.

The new boy starts hanging around Makoto a lot and completely adores Makoto. He often invites Makoto over to his house since he only lives five minutes away from Haru and Makoto. He lives by himself in a small apartment and unlikely Haru, is not good at cooking and often eats frozen meals that he just has to reheat. In fact, when he does cook, he just makes rice and boils some vegetable. Makoto feels sorry for him and often invites him over to have dinner with his family.

Haru was okay at first but as the new guy starts taking more and more of Makoto’s time, Haru get’s really unhappy. Things are made worse when for the Japanese literature class, they have to write poetry and the new boy composes a series of love poems that, to Haru at least, are blatantly about Makoto. Being all about love for the king of the ocean (which would be the Orca), or about two otters (Makoto’s speciality being back), or about beautiful emerald eyes and the worst one being about a gentle giant who falls in love with a Dolphin but the Dolphin competes with a shark to see who can swim the fastest around the globe and leave the giant behind, who nearly dies of heartbreak until he’s saved by prince. Haru clearly gets what the boy was implying and is pissed!

Haru knows he can’t just “forbid” Makoto from hanging out or kick the boy out of the swim club. In fact, he doesn’t even know how to voice those thoughts. As a result, he falls into depression and that is enough to focus Makoto’s full attention on Haru. This doesn’t sit well with the other boy who starts butting in but that just makes Haru more depressed, angry and frustrated, eventually just blowing-up and revealing not only that he loved Makoto that he didn’t want the new boy anywhere near Makoto.

Before Makoto can even react to Haru’s declaration and the new boy demands why Haru gets everything. Makoto, their father! Haru is stunned, the boy realises what he’s said and runs away. Haru is confused, Makoto recovers and comforts Haru, including confessing in return. They kiss and cuddle. In the morning, since its a weekend, Haru calls his parents. Makoto offers to leave, but Haru asks him to stay.

So it turns out that the new boy is Haru’s half brother. Near the end of Haru’s mother’s pregnancy, his father had a one night stand with a co-worker because Haru’s mother didn’t want to have sex when she was so heavily pregnant and Haru’s father was feeling neglected and the huge quantities of alcohol he drank that night didn’t help him stay faithful either. But Haru’s parents works it out and Haru’s father has always quietly paid for the other boy. But his pass infidelity was one of the reasons Haru’s mother didn’t even think twice about going with Haru’s father and leaving Haru by himself.

The new boys birthday is in early March and its because of Japan school year going from April to March that he ended-up in the same year as Haru and Makoto. If the school year followed the calendar year (i.e. January to December) he would be a year below Haru and Makoto.

Haru also finds out that the boy’s mother died recently in a car accident and after her death, the boy met his and Haru’s father for the first time. Before, the boy didn’t even know his father’s name. Just that he was born from a mistake and that his father had another family. Haru’s father paid him a lump sum money that was supposed to, along with the life insurance he got from his mother, help him live comfortable for some years. Haru’s father didn’t tell the boy about Haru or Iwatobi so he doesn’t know how and why the boy turned-up.

Haru goes to the boy for answers and finds out that after his mother’s death he found a letter from his mother and explained everything in detail. Including his father’s name, since the boy’s mother didn’t expect Mr Nanase to ever reveal himself willingly, the fact that their affair happened in Iwatobi and about Haru. So the boy had come to Iwatobi to meet Haru for himself, having learnt from Mr Nanase that his son “is back in our home town. He has a friend he doesn’t want to leave until he absolutely has to”. Mr Nanase didn’t mention Iwatobi or Haru’s name but of course the boy knew both from his mother’s letter. So he decided to transfer to Iwatobi.

The boy declares he came ready to love Haru and be a friend, if not a brother but after meeting Makoto, he can never be anything but envious of Haru. He then goes on a rant about how Haru doesn’t even appreciate Makoto properly and would leave Makoto for Rin if Rin wasn’t straight as an arrow (in this AU Rin has a girlfriend who goes to the sister school to Samezuka and he loves her very much). Haru denies it. But of course the boy doesn’t believe Haru.

This is as far as I got. I supposed he can either go yander and do something dark and horrible or Haru and Makoto can work together to befriend the boy, and Haru and the boy becomes proper siblings.

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I always see genderbend!Haru, but imagine genderbend!Makoto. She would still be the mother of the swimming club and the perfect waifu. And I'd love to see Haru giving dead looks to every single boy who looks at her way too much while training ^^

Makoto would be Mother Theresa II tbh

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I like to think Haruka treasures every piece of Makoto he has. When they were younger, Makoto gave Haruka dolphin charm for good luck. Upon receiving it Haruka dismisses it as silly, but in reality he likes it and still has it and even brings it to swim meets bc Makoto gave it to him. So of course he loses it and he's really desperate to find it but he won't tell anyone what he's looking for. Nagisa has it the whole time. Embarassed, Haru admits it's whole backstory while Makoto smiles & blushes



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hi ~ just a heads up, i'd like to try the makoharu/uminari prompt!! it's this one: /post/66300843002/ c:

Can’t wait to read it ♡♡♡

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just recently played dmmd and can't get over how koujaku and makoto are almost the same >///< how about makoto also nosebleeding during his and haru's first time ;)

Oh dear I’m having extremely dirty thoughts now

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the retrouvaille au author wrote a reigisa one-shot, no angst, just crack and speedo butts and awkward crushes and i think EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT AAAAAAAA archiveofourown. org/ works/ 1262833


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Not sure if this has been done before, but Nitori just kind of accepts that Rin doesn't like him back, and decides to help him get a date. He pulls all these ridiculous stunts (idk, putting up an ad to date Rin, loudly complimenting him in public, pushing him into girls etc.) and Rin just gets so annoyed with Nitori's embarrassing antics that he starts yelling at him to quit it, and ends up accidentally confessing to Nitori in his frustration "Can't you see I don't need a date when I like you?!"

Oh my god

This is so cuteeeee

Just imagine Rin trying to confess while Nitori misinterprets the whole conversation

"I want Ai. I want yo-"

"I know senpai!! I want you to find your true love too!"


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This was supposed to be a headcanon post (based on an RL experience - def NOT mine, ahaha /shifty eyes) but then it became full-blown Reigisa fic. (archiveofourown. org/works/1293586)

Omg. I’ll read it tonight! Everyone should!!

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well, nagisa's sisters were always dressing him up as a kid, right? so maybe when they were all really little, nagisa took mako and haru to his house, and his sisters did that to makoto and haru too. and then makoto's like "aw haru-chan you look so cute!" and then chemistry (;




(For some reason I can’t tag this so please tag it makoharu. I need this to spread like wildfire.)

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