Haru eating watermelon in Makoto’s lap occasionally having the other wipe his chin and hand him more slices.

(All the while Makoto is flustered because Haru looks incredibly cute with juice dripping down his chin)

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patriciaselina asked:
I just finished off a MakoRei reincarnation fic and wanted to show it to you! It's basically one big mixed bag of AU headcanons. ( patriciaselina. tumblr. com/post/86042253916/fic-kalopsia )

Ooooooo thank you!!!!

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Anonymous asked:
I need a Hercules AU with Mako as Herc, Haru as Meg, Rin as Hades, Nitori and Mikoshiba as his little minions Pain and Panic, Nagisa and Rei as the gospel singers, Gou as the fates (?) and Sasabe as Phil. I need this because of reasons!

Uh yesss!

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Anonymous asked:
Titanic AU where Haru and Makoto are a wealthy American couple heading back home after a tour of Europe, however when the ship begins to sink they discover that both of them might not be able to get off the ship safely so they decide to go back to their cabin and lay in bed one last time as the sea takes them.

Haru would love that. I bet it was his idea.

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lionwings asked:
I'm not sure if its already been done, but what about a What Not to Wear AU where Rin and Haru are the fashion experts and they are called in by Nagisa to get Makoto to be more fashionable, because he always wears unflattering clothes. And somewhere along the way Haru kinda, sorta falls in love with Makoto...

And like Makoto totally thinks he’s fine in his baggy work clothes or whatever but once Rin and Haru see him without a shirt they blow up and try to get to try the tightest shirts for to to try on

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Anonymous asked:
ok so this is kinda sad so pls don't get angry aha but what happens is once rin leaves japan, haru resorts to the water for comfort and often hides at the bottom of the pool where no one can find him. and usually makoto pulls him up from the depths of the waves and helps him get home and dressed and everything. but one day makoto is too late, and he finds haru curled up at the floor of the pool, eyes shut and not moving. and makoto blames himself.


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derrierebender asked:
Imagine jealous!haru getting all pissy during Easter because everywhere is like ~*SPRING*~, ~*COLORS*~, ~*LOVE BIRDS*~, etc. and Makoto receives a lot of chocolate bunnies from people and Haru just keeps getting more and more annoyed and... Idk where I'm going with this I'm half-asleep right now hahahahahahaaaaaa


NO NO THIS IS GOOD okay here’s one of my jealous!haru headcanons

the best part would be that haru doesn’t even know that he’s jealous, he just keeps getting more and more annoyed as people come up to makoto to like…….. just talk to him and makoto is just being friendly, laughing and smiling (it’s haru’s laugh and smile darn it, hmph!!!) at everyone and stuff

and makoto notices (of course) and he’s like “haru why are you angry” and haru’s like “I’M NOT ANGRY!!!! I’M JUST…….???????” and he thinks to himself like “oh god i’m angry?? why am i angry???” and he thinks about it and realizes that he was actually super jealous and then realizes he’s jelly because hE LOVES MAKOTO and starts blushing like mad

but makoto is like “????? oh god haru your face is red aRE YOU OKAY!?!?” because i love oblivious makoto i’m sorry


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Speculations about Tachibana Makoto in S2 



Even though the story’s main focus tends to lie between Rin and Haruka’s character growth, Makoto has proven to be a critical character in the first season, and his fear of the ocean showed a very unique side to a character who is usually well composed. I have no doubt that…

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what i’m looking forward to most in free! eternal summer is Sousuke and Rin running into each other.

the iwatobi gang will probably be trailing behind Rin, and they’ll be confused because both of them will just be staring with open mouths at each other.

AND THEN, Nagisa the…

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robot friend who very diligently wakes you up every day after exactly 8 hours of sleep because you should be fully recharged by now and they are bored and miss you and want you to be awake and do stuff with them

Omg Makoto being Haru’s personal robot butler????

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Imagine your otp getting drunk and cooking together.

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Anonymous asked:
No but imagine Nitori calling Sousuke SENPAI AND RIN GETTING ALL JELOUS


or sousuke helping nitori with his math homework. just woah, so many things AHH

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Can Makoto and Rin have friendship bracelets/rins/necklaces or whatever that they wear everday? And when they see each other they fistbump, or do this little headnod towards each other that shows off their matching accessories. And basically they think they’re the coolest bros ever and end up forming these “private codes” with dumb hand gestures and they kind of get laughed at by others but they’re so into their friendship that they don’t notice and they’re just really adorable dorks with lots of love and time

Makoto is a half-American/Japanese foreigner who goes on vacation to Japan. With the little Japanese he knows he accidentally lands himself into the red district where he meets a beautiful, Geisha by the name of Haru. He completely embarasses himself with his poor Japanese but makes Haru smiles.

He then proceeds to buy Haru’s time with the excuse that he needs a Japanese tutor. Haru thinks he’s endearing and goes along with it.

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Cute Thoughts 

♡ Makoto asking Rin for advice on what to wear for his first date with Haru

♡ Rin styling Makoto’s hair

♡ Rin making Makoto squeeze into bright red skinny jeans

♡ Rin getting slightly jealous because Makoto has a better ass than him

♡ Makoto trying to physically pay Rin for his troubles and Rin calling him an idiot and telling him it’s okay

♡ Makoto calling Rin after his successful date with Haru

♡ Both not so subtly gushing over the small details of the date (“He smiled?” “Yeah. He looked so cute I wanted to kiss him so bad.” “DID YOU? ” “Yeah…” “WHOOOOOO THAT’S MY BOY”)

♡ Makoto then switching the conversation and trying to figure out who Rin likes

♡ Rin getting flustered making Makoto giggle leading Rin to blush and squirm

♡ Makoto then offering to help out his man RinRin, but RinRin rejecting his offer

♡ Makoto secretly setting up the date anyway with some help from Haru (who is only helping because of those glorious red skinnies Rin got Makoto)

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